Bonding and expressed emotion: two interlinked concepts?

  title={Bonding and expressed emotion: two interlinked concepts?},
  author={Jeanne Duclos and Anne-Sol{\`e}ne Maria and G{\'e}raldine Dorard and Florence Curt and Alexandre Apfel and Sarah Vibert and Zo{\'e} Rein and Fabienne Perdereau and Nathalie T. Godart},
  volume={46 6},
BACKGROUND Bonding and expressed emotion (EE) are two concepts modeling family relationships. Two studies, with contradictory results, have explored whether these concepts and their corresponding instruments [the Parental Bonding Instrument (PBI) and the Camberwell Family Interview] do indeed measure the same aspects of family relationships. Our first objective was to compare the adolescents' perceptions of family relationships using the PBI, and the parental viewpoint using the Five-Minute… CONTINUE READING