Bond strengths to endodontically-treated teeth.

  title={Bond strengths to endodontically-treated teeth.},
  author={Toru Nikaido and Yuichi Takano and Yasutaka Sasafuchi and Michael F Burrow and Junji Tagami},
  journal={American journal of dentistry},
  volume={12 4},
PURPOSE To evaluate the bond strengths of three different types of resin bonding systems to teeth prepared for endodontic treatment. MATERIALS AND METHODS Access cavity preparation and removal of pulpal tissue were performed in bovine incisors. The root canals were chemically irrigated with saline (control), 5% sodium hypochlorite, 3% hydrogen peroxide, or combinations of both for 60 s. After storage in water for 1 d, the dentin surface was ground to a flat surface with 600-grit SiC under… CONTINUE READING
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