Bonaventura Cavalieri, Marin Mersenne, and the Reflecting Telescope

  title={Bonaventura Cavalieri, Marin Mersenne, and the Reflecting Telescope},
  author={Piero E. Ariotti},
  pages={303 - 321}
M OST HISTORIES OF SCIENCE give simplistic and misleading accounts of the invention of the reflecting, or catoptric, telescope.' Its creation, we are told, is mostly due to Isaac Newton, who, drawing the inspiration from an earlier suggestion by his countryman James Gregory,2 constructed his first reflector in 1668. Newton, the usual accounts say, on discovering the composite nature of white light, wrongly believed that further development of the refracting, or dioptric, telescope was… 

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The concept of using reflecting optics for constructing a telescope had clearly been appreciated in early seventeenth century continental Europe, and there are grounds for believing that experimental

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Planar focusing reflectors based on monolithic high contrast gratings: design procedure and comparison with parabolic mirrors.

It is concluded that the phase of the hyperbolic phase of these mirrors does not have to be perfectly mimicked to obtain a focusing reflector and planar focusing grating mirrors offer a good alternative to parabolic mirrors.

Zainteresowania inżynierskie i wynalazki Isaaca Newtona

Artykuł przedstawia zainteresowania inżynierskie Isaaca Newtona, w tym niektóre z jego wynalazków technicznych. Temat ten nie doczekał się jak dotąd szerszego i pogłębionego opracowania. W artykule

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Relecture mécanologique de l’histoire des télescopes

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Bonaventura Cavalieri and Bologna

directions so that others may follow in your tracks. B ologna was founded by the Etruscans, who called it Felsina. It was named Bononia by the ancient Romans, perhaps because of the presence in its