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Bombay: The Cities Within

  title={Bombay: The Cities Within},
  author={Sharada Dwivedi and Rahul Mehrotra and Umaima Mulla-Feroze},

Defining Industrial Heritage in the Indian Context

The narrative of Indian industrialization is unique, a country that is both industrializing and de-industrializing simultaneously and that is struggling in the discovery of its own identity within

A matter of understanding : urban design strategies to integrate street vendors in Mumbai

A Matter of Understanding : Urban Design strategies to integrate street vendors in Mumbai by Sagree Sharma Submitted to the Department of Urban Studies and Planning on August 20th 2007 in partial

Gender and Work Patterns in Indian Cities: A Socio-Spatial Analysis

Using an original household survey conducted in Hyderabad and Mumbai that identifies intra-city spatial coordinates of residents, this study presents a socio-spatial analysis of gender and paid work.

Street vending: exploring an excluded economic sector in Chittagong city, Bangladesh

ABSTRACT As an informal economic activity, street vending has become an urban phenomenon both in developing and developed countries. This article uses an empirical study to explore the lives,

Blue-green urban infrastructure in Boston and Bombay (Mumbai): a macro-historical geographic comparison

This study offers a macro-historical geographic comparison of blue-green urban infrastructure in the coastal cities of Boston, USA and Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India. After introducing the aims and

Rise of Growth Centers: Current Trend in Strategic Spatial Planning

Urbanization is the current emerging problem in today’s world and metropolitan cities face the adverse outcomes of urbanisation whereby they become dominant centers of commercial and administrative

A Specter Haunts Bombay: Censored Itineraries of a Lost Communistic Film

ABSTRACT:This article situates a lost film titled Mill or Mazdoor (1934/1939) and its history of proscription at the intersection of three arguments: (1) that the loss of the film artifact should not

High Water Ingress during TBM Tunnelling under Andheri Kurla Road, Marol Naka, Mumbai, India.

For surface space limitations in metro cities, tunnel is the best option worldwide for the development of modern transport system, utilities and other infrastructures. But tunnelling is full of

The Globalization of Theatre 1870–1930

Public space and citizenship in Mumbai

Over the last few decades in Mumbai, incessant urbanization stimulated by flows of property capital has pushed government to privilege private development over public space. In this neoliberal