Bollywood, Rasa and Indian Cinema: Misconceptions, Meanings and Millionaire

  title={Bollywood, Rasa and Indian Cinema: Misconceptions, Meanings and Millionaire},
  author={Matthew Jones},
  journal={Visual Anthropology},
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Indian cinema, popularly referred to as Bollywood, has a piqued history in the global film community. Its products are rarely seen as transcendental works of art, nor are they seen as sophisticated, often being political pieces of escapist fun. Rather, Bollywood exists on a lower tier, little brother to the big brother of Hollywood and the anglophonic film world in general. Acclaim for Indian cinema is often proffered only after some Westernizing touch has been applied. And certainly, respect… Expand
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Article History The paper received on: 13/01/2015 Accepted after peerreview on: 22/02/2015 Published on: 07/03/2015 Bharata Muni(200B.C), the Indian performance theorist and philosopher, is creditedExpand
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1863-1938) introduced a realism-based acting system that was able to traverse cultural borders and become the most widely used and accepted acting system in the modem Western world