Body sway stabilization in human posture.

  title={Body sway stabilization in human posture.},
  author={M{\'o}nika Kleiber and G. A. Horstmann and Volker H. Dietz},
  journal={Acta oto-laryngologica},
  volume={110 3-4},
Electromyographic (emg) responses and joint movements of the leg were analysed in subjects standing with eyes closed on a sinusoidally moving treadmill (0.16 Hz or 0.33 Hz, amplitude 33 cm). Activity in antagonistic leg muscles was reciprocally modulated, with a predominant gastrocnemius activation during deceleration of forward movement and tibialis anterior activation during deceleration of backward movement of the treadmill. In these phases, it was necessary to compensate for sway induced by… CONTINUE READING

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