Body image and internalization of appearance ideals in Black women: An update and call for culturally-sensitive research.

  title={Body image and internalization of appearance ideals in Black women: An update and call for culturally-sensitive research.},
  author={Alice S. Lowy and Rachel F. Rodgers and Debra L. Franko and Emily I. Pluhar and Jennifer B. Webb},
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The Perfect Storm: A Developmental–Sociocultural Framework for the Role of Social Media in Adolescent Girls’ Body Image Concerns and Mental Health

In this theoretical review paper, we provide a developmental–sociocultural framework for the role of social media (SM) in adolescent girls’ body image concerns, and in turn, depressive symptoms and

Sociocultural drivers of body image and eating disorder risk in rural Nicaraguan women

Objective Technological and economic globalisation has been suggested as a cause of increasing rates of body dissatisfaction and eating disorders globally, especially as regards the impact of mass

“Is it better to be fat than ugly?”: the effect of physical attractiveness, body size, and race on individual income

As discussions of body size have become a ubiquitous part of discourse in the United States, research has revealed that regardless of the questions researchers ask on the topic: black and white



Emphasizing the “Cultural” in Sociocultural: A Systematic Review of Research on Thin-Ideal Internalization, Acculturation, and Eating Pathology in US Ethnic Minorities

A gold-standard, multidimensional transcultural measure of acculturation is needed to examine how the accULTuration process relates to thin-ideal internalization and eating pathology in ethnic and racial minorities in the US.

“I’m Supposed To Be Thick”: Managing Body Image Anxieties Among Black American Women

Prior literature on Black women’s body image heavily relies on comparative studies to confirm Black women’s greater body satisfaction relative to white women. Collectively, these studies argue that

Racial Identity Buffers African American Women From Body Image Problems and Disordered Eating

The purpose of our study was to extend tenets of objectification theory to a sample of 278 undergraduate African American women. We hypothesized that internalized multiculturally inclusive racial

The Politics of Protection: Body Image, Social Pressures, and the Misrepresentation of Young Black Women

As part of a larger multi-method study, 15 Black women college students participated in focus group discussions on the body. Contrary to popular theories that propose that Black women are protected

Black Women's Body Image: An Analysis of Culture-Specific Influences

A review of the literature on racial differences in body image in Black and White women indicates body image dissatisfaction is more common in White females than Black females. However, Black women

Body dissatisfaction, ethnic identity, and disordered eating among African American women.

This study examined a sociocultural model of eating disorders for African American women but included the influences of ethnic identity, supporting its generalizability and the importance ofethnic identity in determining risk.

An Investigation of Body Appreciation, Ethnic Identity, and Eating Disorder Symptoms in Black Women

Positive body image, such as body appreciation or acceptance, has gone largely unexamined in women of color in comparison with more pathological body attitudes. In an effort to promote and extend

Comparing internalization of appearance ideals and appearance-related pressures among women from the United States, Italy, England, and Australia

Findings suggest more cross-country similarities than differences, and highlight the importance of delivering interventions to address thin-ideal internalization and media appearance pressures among women from Western backgrounds.