Body dysmorphic disorder: 30 cases of imagined ugliness.

  title={Body dysmorphic disorder: 30 cases of imagined ugliness.},
  author={Katharine A. Phillips and Susan L McElroy and Paul E. Keck and Harrison Graham Pope and James I. Hudson},
  journal={The American journal of psychiatry},
  volume={150 2},
OBJECTIVE Body dysmorphic disorder, preoccupation with an imagined defect in appearance, is included in DSM-III-R but has received little empirical study. The authors investigated the demographics, phenomenology, course, associated psychopathology, family history, and response to treatment in a series of 30 patients with the disorder. METHOD The patients (including 12 whose preoccupation was of probable delusional intensity) were assessed with a semistructured interview and the Structural… CONTINUE READING
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