Body Modification in East Asia: An Introduction

  title={Body Modification in East Asia: An Introduction},
  author={David Henley and Nathan Porath},
  journal={Asian Studies Review},
  pages={189 - 197}
ABSTRACT This short article introduces the special issue “Chasing Beauty: Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Lightening in East Asia”. It highlights the scale of and interest in the current boom in these procedures across Northeast and Southeast Asia, and outlines some questions of causality and interpretation arising from that boom. It then summarises the contents of the other five contributions to the collection, and identifies a number of common themes and conclusions arising from them. These are: (1… 



Body Modification in East Asia: History and Debates

ABSTRACT This article outlines the long-term historical development of body modification in East (Northeast and Southeast) Asia, from the intentionally transformative practices of prehistory, such as

The Duty to Transform: Properly Refining the Body and (Re)defining Oneself in Thailand

  • D. Kang
  • Sociology
    Asian Studies Review
  • 2021
ABSTRACT Current analyses of Asian cosmetic surgery and other beautification practices assess their use for economic gain (e.g., increasing chances of gaining employment when photos are required with

Deracialisation or Body Fashion? Cosmetic Surgery and Body Modification in Japan

ABSTRACT Although all forms of body fashion, from ancient to modern, entail a degree of manipulation, the styles found among Japanese youth are often construed by older Japanese and outside critics

Beyond Whiteness: Perspectives on the Rise of the Pan-Asian Beauty Ideal

Constructions of beauty are inherently racialized and also reflect the values of their particular contexts. In this chapter, we explore the racial basis and implications of the Pan-Asian beauty

Media, Cosmetic Surgery and Aspirational Beauty Aesthetics of the Ageing Body in South Korea

ABSTRACT This article examines how thinking about technologies of the body and beauty outside mainstream youth-focussed discourses complicates prevalent media arguments that posit aesthetic

Gentle yet Manly: Xiao xian rou, Male Cosmetic Surgery and Neoliberal Consumer Culture in China

ABSTRACT This article explores the phenomenal growth in the popularity of the “little fresh meat” (xiao xian rou) androgynous, effeminate male beauty trend and the rise in the demand for male

Feminine Transformations: Gender Reassignment Surgical Tourism in Thailand

This article draws on ethnographic research with patients visiting Thailand for GRS to explore how trans women patients related their experience of medical care in Thailand to Thai cultural traditions, in particular “traditional” Thai femininity and Theravada Buddhist rituals and beliefs.

Cleaning Up the Dirty Work: Professionalization and the Management of Stigma in the Cosmetic Surgery and Tattoo Industries

This article considers the similarities between the cosmetic surgery and tattoo industries, focusing on how each has transitioned from a disreputable and deviant industry to achieve varying degrees

Skin Lightening and Beauty in Four Asian Cultures

“Whiteness” or having white skin is considered an important element in constructing female beauty in Asian cultures. A dramatic growth of skin whitening and lightening products has occurred in Asian

Shades of difference : why skin color matters

Part I The Significance of Skin Color: Transnational Divergences and Convergences 7 1 The Social Consequences of Skin Color in Brazil 9 Edward Telles 2 A Colorstruck World: Skin Tone, Achievement,