Body Mass Index and Dental Caries


Objective:The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between age-specific body mass index (BMIfor-age) and dental caries among Pakistani adults Methods & Materials: The design of our study was analytical cross-sectional. Sample size of our study was 406 which comprised of adult patients of both sexes. The patients were selected from the Department of Operative Dentistry, Khyber college of Dentistry, Peshawar. Body Mass Index (BMI) and Decayed Missing Filled teeth Index (DMFT) were the study variables. All the results were analyzed on SPSS version 16. Results: Odds ratio and Pearson chi square test were tests of significance and both showed no association between BMI and Dental caries and thus the Null Hypothesis was accepted. Odds ratio was calculated as (0.65), which showed no association between BMI and Dental caries. Pearson chi square test showed values of (2.13) P(.144) Conclusion: Our study did not find any association between BMI and dental caries

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