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Body Composition in Selective Groups of Elite Indian Sportsmen : A Comparative Study

  title={Body Composition in Selective Groups of Elite Indian Sportsmen : A Comparative Study},
  author={Krishan Singh and Anup Krishnan and Deep Sharma and Chandra Sekara Guru},
Body composition is an important indicator of the physical fitness and health of athletes. Excess fat% in body acts as dead weight which must be lifted against gravity during sports leading to increase in energy demands thereby decreasing performance. Endurance athletes require less fat-free mass% and fat %, as they have to move their total body mass horizontally for extended periods thereby reducing performance. Body composition was analysed in 30 subjects each of Wrestling, Weightlifting… 
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Gender-wise differences in BMI, WC, WHtR and fat % tend to increase with age, indicative of increase in adiposity and central obesity with progressing age.


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The findings highlight the need for tracking total-body water, specifically the intracellular compartment in elite judo athletes in order to avoid reductions in upper-body power when a target body weight is desired prior to competition.
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Anaerobic performance parameters obtained from Wingate Test were positively associated with fat free mass but not % fat mass in elite young wrestlers, and no relationship was obtained between anaerobic parameters and %FM.
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The results of this study indicate that exceptional weight-trained athletes are within the normal college-age population range in body fat and of somewhat higher physical working capacity.
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  • R. Malina
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    Clinics in sports medicine
  • 2007
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Using a cross-sectional design, multiple discriminant analysis was used to determine field tests identifying elite male junior weightlifters, and easily-administered field tests of physical dimensions and body composition, muscular strength and power, flexibility, and gross motor control are potentially useful as a screening tool for elite American junior men weightliftingters.
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Body composition and somatotype of the male fencers who were grouped by different fencing weapons were determined and sabre specialists had higher mesomorphy than foil fencers (ANOVA and Bonferroni's multi comparison test).