Body, Subject and Power in China

  title={Body, Subject and Power in China},
  author={Val{\'e}rie Hansen and Angela Zito and Tani Barlow},
  journal={Philosophy East and West},
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The Body and the Beautiful in Chinese Nationalism
The author is Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Missouri, St. Louis, USA. The research on sports was supported by The Committee on Scholarly Communication with the PRC, funded
On Their Dress They Wore a Body: Fashion and Identity in Late Qing Shanghai
In many cultures undressing—oneself and others—is considered a very erotic and enticing activity. The present essay, however, argues that leaving someone’s clothes on can be just as interesting and
Childbirth in China
The desire to control birth in China has roots in the country’s chaotic political history of the past several centuries and the resulting deep desire for stability in all aspects of life. For most of
Dirt, Undress, and Difference: Critical Perspectives on the Body's Surface
While there is widespread interest in dress and hygiene as vehicles of cultural, moral, and political value, little scholarly attention has been paid to cross-cultural understandings of dirt and
Women in China's Long Twentieth Century
This indispensable guide for students of both Chinese and women's history synthesizes recent research on women in twentieth-century China. Written by a leading historian of China, it surveys more
Disability in Contemporary China
Sarah Dauncey offers the first comprehensive exploration of disability and citizenship in Chinese society and culture from 1949 to the present. Through the analysis of a wide variety of Chinese
Body, Discourse, and the Cultural Politics of Contemporary Chinese Qigong
  • Jian Xu
  • Art
    The Journal of Asian Studies
  • 1999
Many asian cultures have rich traditions of self-cultivation that exercise mind and body through physical and meditational training. Research and scholarship with respect to those traditions have
"What Do Women Live For?": Women of China and the All-China Women's Federation
Introduction In response to a 1964 editorial entitled " What should be the criteria in selecting a husband? " the magazine Women of China (Zhongguo Funü) received a large number of letters from
Inscribing the essentials: culture and the body in Ming-Qing fiction.
While urination scenes have been discussed either in terms of humor or as narrative interstice used to link scenes, these voluntary and involuntary discharges from the body also illustrate the impossibility of absolute self-containment.
The Pregnant Nude and Photographic Representation
Until recently unprecedented or considered “impossible” in the Chinese art tradition, the female nude, especially the pregnant nude, has become an intimate, controversial subject in women’s art