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Bochner-Riesz Means Convergence of Prolate Spheroidal Series and Their Extensions

  title={Bochner-Riesz Means Convergence of Prolate Spheroidal Series and Their Extensions},
  author={Boulsane Mourad and Souabni Ahmed},
In this paper, we study the Lp-Bochner-Riesz mean summability problem related to the spectrum of some particular Sturm-Liouville operators in the weighted Lp([a, b], ω). Our purpose is to establish suitable conditions under which the Bochner-Riesz expansion of a function f ∈ Lp([a, b], ω),1 < p < ∞, in two generalisations of Slepian’s basis, converges to f in Lp([a, b], ω). 


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