Bochdalek diaphragmatic hernia presenting with acute gastric dilatation.

  title={Bochdalek diaphragmatic hernia presenting with acute gastric dilatation.},
  author={Ban Seng Quah and Ibrahim A Hashim and H D Simpson},
  journal={Journal of pediatric surgery},
  volume={34 3},
Congenital diaphragmatic hernia through the foramen of Bochdalek may present after infancy. A 21/2-year-old Malay girl presented with acute respiratory distress. Chest examination showed reduced chest expansion and decreased breath sounds on the left side. Chest radiograph showed a large "cyst" in the left chest, which was thought to be a lung cyst under tension. Tube thoracostomy resulted in clinical improvement. Results of a barium study showed that the cyst perforated by the thoracostomy… CONTINUE READING