Bob Geldof and Live Aid: The Affective Side of Global Social Innovation

  title={Bob Geldof and Live Aid: The Affective Side of Global Social Innovation},
  author={Frances R. Westley},
  journal={Human Relations},
  pages={1011 - 1036}
  • F. Westley
  • Published 1 October 1991
  • Sociology
  • Human Relations
This paper examines the case of Bob Geldof and Live Aid from the point of view of the relationship between visionary leadership and global social innovation. It briefly reviews the case. It then analyzes it in terms of four aspects of visionary leadership: the personal background of the visionary, the skills used in enacting the vision, the structural context in which the visionary operates, and the historical moment in which the visionary acts. It further reviews music as a symbolic system… 
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