Board Games from Canaan in the Early and Intermediate Bronze Ages and the Origin of the Egyptian Senet Game

  title={Board Games from Canaan in the Early and Intermediate Bronze Ages and the Origin of the Egyptian Senet Game},
  author={Michael Sebbane},
  journal={Tel Aviv},
  pages={213 - 230}
  • M. Sebbane
  • Published 1 September 2001
  • History
  • Tel Aviv
Board games are among the earliest and most frequently found games in ancient times; playing boards, gaming pieces and throw sticks have been found throughout the ancient Near East (e.g., Peterson 1975:853-5; Weippert 1977: 310-311; Decker 1984:1150-1152; Hallo 1993; Sebbane 2000; with earlier literature). Gameboards found in Pre-Pottery Neolithic B contexts at sites such as Beidha and cAin Ghazal (Kirkebride 1966:34, Fig. 8; Rollefson 1992), Wadi Tbeik in southern Sinai (BarYosef 1980:30, Pi… 
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