Boadband tuning limits on UWB antennas based on Fano's formulation

  title={Boadband tuning limits on UWB antennas based on Fano's formulation},
  author={M Cristina Villalobos and H. D. Foltz and J. S. McLean and I. Sen Gupta},
  journal={2006 IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium},
The well-known limits on the radiation Q of electrically-small antennas do not lead to a straightforward, rigorous computation of wideband impedance matching limits, especially when higher-order spherical modes are used and higher-order tuning networks are permitted. Fano's formulation of the wideband matching of arbitrary impedances does provide a rigorous solution, and has been previously applied to the lowest-order (TM01 or TE01) mode. In this paper we apply Fano's theory to higher-order… CONTINUE READING