Blutmastzellen und Heparin

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Microspectrophotometric detection of heparin in mast cells and basophilic granulocytes stained metachromatically with Toluidine Blue O
It was found that the method can be used to detect unequivocally the presence of heparin in cells, even if they also contain up to 75% (mole/mole) of other, lower sulphated glycosaminoglycan, in contrast to biochemical determinations.
Beobachtungen bei Blutmastzell-Leukämien
Die Biutmastzellen machen 0,5% der Leukozyten aus, im Knochenmarkausstrich trifft man sie kaum an. Zytochemisch werden sie dutch die bekannte Metachromasie, die auch in sehr saurem Bereich (pH 2)
Beobachtungen an sieben Kranken mit „Blutmastzell-Leukämie“
The normal bloodmast cells could be distinguished morphologically and cytochemically from the neoplastic blood mast cells and the chronic myeloid leukemia terminates not only in the blastic crisis but also in the blood mast cell crisis.
Basophile und eosinophile Granulocyten bei gesunden und kranken Kindern
Four hours and one day after tonsillectomy there was a marked decrease of eosinophils and basophils; five days after the operation the blood count became normal again and the total leucocytes were increased during these five days.
Zur Physiologie und Biochemie der Mastzellen
  • R. Amann
  • Chemistry
    Archiv für klinische und experimentelle Dermatologie
  • 2004
Ultrastructural evidence for the common origin of human mast cells and basophils.
Evidence is provided for the existence of a distinctive "intermediate" cell possessing the ultrastructural features typical of both basophils and mast cells that was encountered in three patients with myeloproliferative diseases and may thus be more readily found in states of disturbedMyelopoiesis.
Basophils and Mast Cells: Structure, Function, and Role in Hypersensitivity
The application of modern methods of tissue fixation and processing has permitted confident identification of basophils and mast cells with both the light and electron microscopes in diverse experimental and clinical situations, and has clearly implicated these cells in a variety of delayed-onset immunological phenomena where their participation had been entirely unexpected.
The automation of cytochemical methods for automated cytophotometers.
  • A. Saunders
  • Biology
    The journal of histochemistry and cytochemistry : official journal of the Histochemistry Society
  • 1977
The development of an automated differential white blood cell counter is reviewed and several applications that go beyond routine differential counting are described.
Basophils of the Peripheral Blood
Basophils represent the least common type of granulocytes in human blood. Their rarity and the solubility of their granules have made it difficult to determine their biological significance.