Blunted fenfluramine-evoked prolactin secretion in hypertensive rats.

  title={Blunted fenfluramine-evoked prolactin secretion in hypertensive rats.},
  author={Sean D Stocker and Matthew F. Muldoon and Alan F. Sved},
  volume={42 4},
Plasma prolactin (PRL) levels after acute administration of fenfluramine (FEN) have been used as a probe of brain serotonin activity. FEN-evoked increases in PRL levels inversely correlate with arterial blood pressure (ABP) in humans (Muldoon et al. Hypertension. 1998;32:972-975), thereby suggesting that brain serotonin activity may be reduced in hypertension. The present study sought to determine whether the relation between FEN-evoked PRL levels and ABP was present in two rat models of… CONTINUE READING


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