Blunt abdominal trauma: emergency contrast-enhanced sonography for detection of solid organ injuries.


OBJECTIVE The objective of our study was to prospectively compare the diagnostic value of sonography and contrast-enhanced sonography with CT for the detection of solid organ injuries in blunt abdominal trauma patients. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Sonography, contrast-enhanced sonography, and CT were performed to assess possible abdominal organ injuries in 69 nonconsecutive hemodynamically stable patients with blunt abdominal trauma and a strong clinical suspicion of abdominal lesions. Sonography and contrast-enhanced sonography findings were compared with CT findings, the reference standard technique. RESULTS Thirty-two patients had 35 abdominal injuries on CT (10 kidney or adrenal lesions, seven liver lesions, 17 spleen lesions, and one retroperitoneal hematoma). Sixteen lesions were detected on sonography, and 32 were seen on contrast-enhanced sonography. The sensitivity and specificity of sonography were 45.7% and 91.8%, respectively, and the positive and negative predictive values were 84.2% and 64.1%, respectively. Contrast-enhanced sonography had a sensitivity of 91.4%, a specificity of 100%, and positive and negative predictive values of 100% and 92.5%, respectively. CONCLUSION Contrast-enhanced sonography was found to be more sensitive than sonography and almost as sensitive as CT in the detection of traumatic abdominal solid organ injuries. It can therefore be proposed as a useful tool in the assessment of blunt abdominal trauma.

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