Blunt abdominal trauma: screening us in 2,693 patients.

  title={Blunt abdominal trauma: screening us in 2,693 patients.},
  author={Michele A. Brown and Giovanna Casola and Claude B. Sirlin and Nirav Y Patel and David Butler Hoyt},
  volume={218 2},
PURPOSE To evaluate the accuracy of screening abdominal ultrasonography (US) in patients with blunt abdominal trauma. MATERIALS AND METHODS Patients with blunt abdominal trauma underwent US. The abdomen and pelvis were scanned for free fluid, the visceral organs were assessed for heterogeneity, and duplex US was performed if necessary. Empty bladders were filled with 200-300 mL of sterile saline through a Foley catheter. US findings were considered positive if free fluid was present or if… CONTINUE READING