Blue luminescence of Au nanoclusters embedded in silica matrix.

  title={Blue luminescence of Au nanoclusters embedded in silica matrix.},
  author={Sandip Dhara and Sharat Chandra and P. Magudapathy and S. Surya Kalavathi and Binaya Kumar Panigrahi and Keerthi M Nair and V. S. Sastry and Chia Wei Hsu and C. T. Wu and Kuan Hua Chen and Ling chun Chen},
  journal={The Journal of chemical physics},
  volume={121 24},
Photoluminescence study using the 325 nm He-Cd excitation is reported for the Au nanoclusters embedded in SiO(2) matrix. Au clusters are grown by ion beam mixing with 100 KeV Ar(+) irradiation on Au [40 nm]/SiO(2) at various fluences and subsequent annealing at high temperature. The blue bands above approximately 3 eV match closely with reported values for colloidal Au nanoclusters and supported Au nanoislands. Radiative recombination of sp electrons above Fermi level to occupied d-band holes… CONTINUE READING

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