Blue-Green Bacteria synthesise L-Tyrosine by the Pretyrosine Pathway

  title={Blue-Green Bacteria synthesise L-Tyrosine by the Pretyrosine Pathway},
  author={Sherry L. Stenmark and Duane L. Pierson and Roy A. Jensen and George I. Glover},
THE similarity of major biochemical pathways throughout the animal and plant kingdoms1 presumably reflects the ancient formation of the pathways in a common ancestral counterpart of modern cell types. The pathway previously known for L-tyrosine biosynthesis in both prokaryotie and eukaryotic microorganisms (Fig. 1a) involves a dehydrogenation-decarboxylation conversion of prephenate to 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate followed by transamination in the presence of a suitable amino donor. Our data (Fig… CONTINUE READING

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