Blow-up phenomena for some nonlinear pseudo-parabolic equations

  title={Blow-up phenomena for some nonlinear pseudo-parabolic equations},
  author={Xiaoming Peng and Yadong Shang and Xiaoxiao Zheng},
  journal={Appl. Math. Lett.},
This paper considers the blow-up of solutions for equations ut − ν△ut = div(ρ(| ∇u |)∇u) + f(u) by means of a differential inequality technique. A lower bound for blow-up time is determined if blow-up does occur. Also, we establish a blow-up criterion and an upper bound for blow-up under some conditions. Moreover, conditions which ensure that blow-up cannot occur are presented. This result extends the results obtained by R. Xu (2007) and P. Luo (2015). © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. 

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