Blood transfusion and immunomodulation: a possible mechanism.

  title={Blood transfusion and immunomodulation: a possible mechanism.},
  author={Milcho Mincheff and Harold T Meryman and Veena Kapoor and P Alsop and M Woetzel},
  journal={Vox sanguinis},
  volume={65 1},
To induce an immunogenic response in vivo, an antigen-presenting (stimulator) cell must present both antigen-specific (class II MHC) and an accessory signal to the CD4 T cell. Failure to express the accessory signal has been shown in vitro to induce a state of specific unresponsiveness (anergy) in the T cell. We have shown that although stimulator cells in blood continue to express class II MHC molecules during refrigerated storage, their ability to present the accessory signal diminishes… CONTINUE READING