Blood pressure and heart rate during tonic immobility in the black tipped reef shark,Carcharhinus melanoptera

  title={Blood pressure and heart rate during tonic immobility in the black tipped reef shark,Carcharhinus melanoptera},
  author={P S Davie and Craig E. Franklin and Gordon C. Grigg},
  journal={Fish Physiology and Biochemistry},
Tonic immobility was induced in black tipped reef sharks (Carcharhinus melanoptera) and heart rate and ventral aortic blood pressure recorded. Without branchial irrigation, tonic immobility was correlated with a significant depression in blood pressure and heart rate irrespective of the sharks being in air or in water. Tonic immobility with branchial irrigation resulted in a significant increase in blood pressure in sharks in air, but not in water. Heart rate was unchanged when the gills were… CONTINUE READING


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