Blood parasites of birds in Cameroon.

  title={Blood parasites of birds in Cameroon.},
  author={C E Kirkpatrick and Thomas C. B. Smith},
  journal={The Journal of parasitology},
  volume={74 6},
Birds from south-central Cameroon, western Africa, were surveyed for blood parasites from August to October 1986. Of 331 birds examined, representing 65 species of 15 families and 6 orders (mostly passerines), 55 (17%) were found to be infected with 1 or more genera of hemotropic parasites. These included: Haemoproteus spp. (11% prevalence), Leucocytozoon spp. (3%), Plasmodium spp. (2%), Trypanosoma spp. (1%), and microfilariae of filariid nematodes (1%). Several new host-parasite associations… CONTINUE READING