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Blood money: A grounded theory of corporate citizenship; Myanmar (Burma) as a case in point

  title={Blood money: A grounded theory of corporate citizenship; Myanmar (Burma) as a case in point},
  author={Nicola Black},
Engaging with the Total oil corporation in Myanmar : the impact of dialogue as a tool for change towards greater conflict sensitivity
by F. Cerletti 4 Abstract This thesis explores whether dialogue between a company and a non-profit organisation (NPO) can influence a company’s way of working towards being more conflict sensitive.Expand
The role of developmental/relational trauma in therapists' motivation to pursue a psychotherapeutic career : a grounded theory exploration
Background: Psychotherapy research has consistently established a link between developmental/relational trauma and the motivation to pursue a psychotherapeutic career. Understanding why thisExpand
Timeout for Irish international basketball : consequences to coaches and players.
Entre a dicotomia precursora e as novas possibilidades: divergências paradigmáticas na Grounded Theory
Considerada um marco para a pesquisa qualitativa, a metodologia Grounded Theory tem apresentado diferentes versoes, desde sua proposta inicial por Glaser e Strauss (1967), seguida pelo novo enfoqueExpand
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.
  • Jacob R Morris, E. Hess
  • Medicine
  • Academic emergency medicine : official journal of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine
  • 2018
A qualitative analysis of Shared decision-making (SDM) from the perspective of Emergency Department patients is reported, exploring the degree to which ED patients desired to be involved in SDM, as well as perceived facilitators and barriers to SDM. Expand
Corporate Spheres of Responsibility: Architects, Cowboys, and Eco-Warriors in Myanmar’s Oil & Gas Industry
Myanmar's recently opened economy is flush with incoming investment and activity. World leaders advocate that all businesses entering the country must operate in a "socially responsible manner."Expand
The Contribution of Small-scale, Rural Festivals to the Social Sustainability of their Host Communities in Northumberland, UK
........................................................................................................................ i AcknowledgementsExpand
Second-Generation Adult Former Cult Group Members’ Recovery Experiences: Implications for Counseling
Cult survivors experience psychological challenges after leaving a cult, and reintegration into society can be a difficult process. Children who are born and raised in cults face additionalExpand
The effects of STEM inquiry practices on English language acquisition in a first grade classroom in Thailand
The results of this study indicate that Thai students’ English literacy is developed at an increased rate when instruction is based on STEM inquiry practices that encourage dual language communication in a democratic, multicultural, collaborative, community of learners setting. Expand
Fuelling Insecurity? Sino-Myanmar Energy Cooperation and Human Security in Myanmar
Supervisory Committee Dr. Guoguang Wu, (Department of Political Science, Department of History) Supervisor Dr. Scott Watson, (Department of Political Science) Departmental Member This thesis examinesExpand