Blood concentrations of acetaldehyde during chlorpropamide-alcohol flush.

  title={Blood concentrations of acetaldehyde during chlorpropamide-alcohol flush.},
  author={Anthony Barnett and C Gonzalez-Auvert and David A. Pyke and John Michael Saunders and Roger Williams and C J Dickenson and Michael D Rawlins},
  journal={British medical journal},
  volume={283 6297},
To test the suggestion that chlorpropamide-alcohol flushing (CPAF) resembles the disulfiram effect and might be mediated by acetaldehyde, the initial metabolite of alcohol, blood concentrations of acetaldehyde were measured after a drink of alcohol in controls and diabetics positive and negative for CPAF. The CPAF-positive diabetics had significantly greater blood acetaldehyde concentrations after alcohol than the CPAF-negative diabetics both with a single dose of chlorpropamide and after two… CONTINUE READING

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