Blood-brain exchange routes and distribution of65Zn in rat brain

  title={Blood-brain exchange routes and distribution of65Zn in rat brain},
  author={Peggy A. Franklin and R. G. L. Pullen and Grahame H. Hall},
  journal={Neurochemical Research},
Zinc is essential for normal development and function of the CNS although much is to be learned about brain Zn homeostasis. In these experiments adult male Wistar rats within the weight range 500–600 g were used. Ventriculo-cisternal perfusion was performed to allow the measurement of65Zn fluxes between blood and csf across the choroid plexuses. Blood-brain or blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier permeability to65Zn has been determined by graphical analysis in experiments that lasted between 5 and… CONTINUE READING


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