Blood Coagulation


Powers, J. S., Jr.: Toxicity of Dicumarol: Review of the Literature and Report of Two Cases. Ann. Int. Med. 32: 146 (Jan.), 1950. The author reports two cases of chronic congestive failure in which dicumarol resulted in severe hemorrhage. One patient died. Slight icterus was present prior to hemorrhage in one case and after hemorrhage had begun in the other. It is believed that chronic passive congestion of the liver interfered with the function of prothrombin formation to such an extent that administration of what had previously been safe doses of dicumarol so severely disrupted the clotting mechanism as to cause hemorrhage. Diminished renal filtration due to congestive failure may also have caused retention of dicumarol to such an extent that toxic levels were reached following administration of doses which ordinarily would not be expected to result in excessive acceleration of prothrombin time. For this reason, it seems justifiable to use extreme caution in the future when administering or planning to administer dicumarol to patients in chronic congestive heart failure. WENDKOS

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