Blockchain technology in the future of business cyber security and accounting

  title={Blockchain technology in the future of business cyber security and accounting},
  author={Sebahattin Demirkan and Irem Demirkan and Andrew Robert McKee},
This study looks into the current, and potential uses of Blockchain technology in business, specifically in Accounting and in cybersecurity. We relate Blockchain uses to current concerns within cyb... 
Blockchain technology – recent research and future trend
A systematic review of blockchain research on informatics shows clear trends in research into distributed ledger technology and its applications in finance and e-commerce.
Usage of Blockchain to Ensure Audit Data Integrity
Using blockchain technology as future database engine for AIS will explore the advantages and risk in adopting blockchain as well as current state of academics and technology regarding blockchain adoption.
Blockchain: a literature review
A blockchain consists of an ordered list with nodes and links where the nodes store information and are connected through links called chains. This technology supports the availability of a publicl...
Applicability of Blockchain Technology to The Normal Accounting Cycle
Blockchain technologyis a distributed, unchangeable ledger that makes recording transactions and managing assets in a business network much easier and nowa type of accountingsoftwareconcernedwith the
Blockchain Technology for Secure Accounting Management: Research Trends Analysis
The aim is to examine current and emerging research lines at a global level on blockchain technology for secure accounting management, and provides the past and future thematic axes on this incipient field of knowledge.
The challenges and countermeasures of blockchain in finance and economics
This paper systematically analyse the technology of blockchain and its application in the financial and economic field, the status quo and the challenges it faces, and then give constructive suggestions to help the blockchain technology develop better in the economic field.
4.0. Application of blockchain to underground
The paper compares blockchain with Underground Infrastructure Management (UIM) and One Call System 811, and the potential advantage of this technology to manage underground utilities and potential integration with blockchain and UIM is described.
The disruption of blockchain in auditing – a systematic literature review and an agenda for future research
Purpose - This paper presents a systematic literature review, including content and bibliometric analyses, of the impact of blockchain technology (BT) in auditing, to identify trends, research areas,


Banking with blockchain-ed big data
There exists a gap in research and development into blockchain-ed big data in banking because of the lack of awareness about the technology and lack of understanding of the business case for it.
Blockchain: Emergent Industry Adoption and Implications for Accounting
An initial examination of the technology itself is provided and the associated opportunities and limitations are discussed and some potential areas that future research could address are discussed.
Blockchain: A Survey on Functions, Applications and Open Issues
  • Yang Lu
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • 2018
The prosperity of Bitcoin has given rise to widespread attention and in-depth research on blockchains. The blockchain provides the fundamental technology for the decentralization, openness, securit...
Thinking Outside the Block: Projected Phases of Blockchain Integration in the Accounting Industry
This paper aims to propound a thorough and circumspect analysis of the implications of blockchain technology in the accounting profession and its broader industry. The analysis begins with a summary
Toward Blockchain-Based Accounting and Assurance
An initial discussion on how blockchain could enable a real-time, verifiable, and transparent accounting ecosystem and the potential to transform current auditing practices, resulting in a more precise and timely automatic assurance system is provided.
Can Blockchains Serve an Accounting Purpose
It is shown that the blockchain could become a more secure alternative to current accounting ledgers, but this is infeasible and multiple flaws hindering implementation of the blockchain as a financial reporting tool are identified.
The Blockchain as a Decentralized Security Framework [Future Directions]
An overview of this technology for the realization of security across distributed parties in an impregnable and transparent way is presented.
Blockchain in Industries: A Survey
The review reveals that several opportunities are available for utilizing blockchain in various industrial sectors; however, there are still some challenges to be addressed to achieve better utilization of this technology.
Blockchain and Internet of Things for Modern Business Process in Digital Economy—the State of the Art
The states of the art are presented to identify emerging research topics, challenges, and promising applications in integrating BCT into the development of BPM.