Blockchain for Supply Chain Traceability: Business Requirements and Critical Success Factors

  title={Blockchain for Supply Chain Traceability: Business Requirements and Critical Success Factors},
  author={Gabriella M. Hastig and ManMohan S. Sodhi},
  journal={Production and Operations Management},
We seek to guide operations management (OM) research on the implementation of supply chain traceability systems by identifying business requirements and the factors critical to successful implementation. We first motivate the need for implementing traceability systems in two very different industries – cobalt mining and pharmaceuticals – and present business requirements and critical success factors for implementation. Next, we describe how we carried out thematic analysis of practitioner and… 

A Systematic Literature Review of Blockchain-Enabled Supply Chain Traceability Implementations

A systematic literature review of the various technical implementation aspects of blockchain-enabled SC traceability systems and key takeaways regarding the open issues and challenges of current blockchain traceability implementations and fruitful future research areas are provided.

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A robust traceability system would help organizations in inventory optimization reduce lead time and improve customer service and quality which further enables the organizations to be a leader in

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PurposeThe paper aims to present a systematic literature review (SLR) showing the benefits, challenges and future research of blockchain technology (BT) for the supply chain (SC), also suggesting how

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The findings indicate that blockchain is not following the Mooney et al. stage model proposed in 1996 since the empirical evidence is evenly spread between the three effect categories and the possible reasons why are identified.

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Blockchain operates on a highly secured framework, and its decentralized consensus has benefits for supply chain sustainability. Scholars have recognized the growing importance of sustainability in

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PurposeBlockchain is increasingly being considered for applications in operations and supply chain management. However, evidence from practice is still scarce on why, where and how organizations seek

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This study conducted eighteen interviews with international experts from different areas and analyzed the collected data following a grounded theory approach to summarize how blockchain-based supply chains fit in with supplier relationship management processes and financial business units for international trade.



Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Traceability Systems

A framework for evaluating the applicability of blockchain technology in supply chain management to improve traceability is developed and two hypothetical use-cases are presented.

Blockchain, Law, and Business Supply Chains: The Need for Governance and Legal Frameworks to Achieve Sustainability

This paper will explain why the promise of distributed electronic ledgers will only be realized in the context of effective governance and legal frameworks, and highlight the risk of placing blind faith in the technology as far as outcomes.

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A unifying framework describing the applicability of blockchain has been presented that will guide companies in designing and implementing potential blockchain solutions to address issues in information exchange among supply chain partners.

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Based on the imbalances caused by asymmetric information and opaque supply chains, this study aims to contribute to the research field of logistics and supply chain management by exploring the

An Approach For Improving Transparency And Traceability of Industrial Supply Chain With Block chain Technology

  • Aman KaushikNitin Jain
  • Computer Science
    2021 6th International Conference on Innovative Technology in Intelligent System and Industrial Applications (CITISIA)
  • 2021
In order to enable permanent record sharing and observation while still maintaining specific information security, the suggested system incorporates a crossover architecture of private and public blockchains.

1 Blockchain's roles in meeting key supply chain management objectives

  • N. Kshetri
  • Business, Computer Science
    Int. J. Inf. Manag.
  • 2018

Blockchains as a solution for traceability and transparency

The conclusions from the research are that the usage of blockchain technology is advantageous in order to achieve traceability and enables all involved parties to check the product’s entire history as well as its current location.

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The blockchain technology as a foundation for distributed ledgers offers an innovative platform for a new decentralized and transparent transaction mechanism in industries and businesses. The

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Abstract Driven by successful pilot projects in supply chain and logistics, Blockchain has become one of the industry’s latest technology hypes. In this paper, we cut through the hype and shed light

Blockchain And Supply Chain Management: Aircrafts’ Parts’ Business Case

An industrial scenario of aviation industry SCM is used to demonstrate the necessity of having decentralized system based on distributed data-driven application technologies such as Blockchain, not only to assist in maintaining inventory of the aircraft’s parts but also to monitor the performance, usage, etc.