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Blockchain-Based Digital Currencies for Community Building

  title={Blockchain-Based Digital Currencies for Community Building},
  author={Soichiro Takagi},
Blockchain has recently become the center of attention as a key technological tool to impact a broad range of organizations and affect the overall economy. Blockchain technology, also referred to as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), was initially created as the platform technology that enables Bitcoin that are issued and maintained by anonymous participants around the world. Reacting to the wider acceptance of digital currencies in the private sector, such as Bitcoin, there is a growing… 
A Vademecum on Blockchain Technologies: When, Which, and How
A general presentation of blockchain that goes beyond its usage in Bitcoin and surveying a selection of the vast literature that emerged in the last few years is given, drawing the key requirements and their evolution when passing from permissionless to permissioned blockchains.
A Review of fast-growing Blockchain Hubs in Asia
The unique combination of social and economic factors has brought about a dynamic and rapidly-evolving blockchain ecosystem in Asia. This paper systematically reviewed the development of four


Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy
Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Crypto-Currencies introduces Bitcoin and describes the technology behind Bitcoin and the blockchain, and Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy considers theoretical, philosophical, and societal impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.
The information technology outsourcing risk: a transaction cost and agency theory-based perspective
A scenario-based conceptualization of the IT outsourcing risk is proposed, wherein risk is defined as a quadruplet comprising a scenario, the likelihood of that scenario, its consequences and the risk mitigation mechanisms that can attenuate or help avoid the occurrence of a scenario.
Production and Transaction Economies and IS Outsourcing: A Study of the U.S. Banking Industry
The study shows that IS outsourcing in banks was strongly influenced by production cost advantages offered by vendors, and the findings suggest that managerial sourcing strategies need to weigh both costs when hiring systems integrators.
Community Currencies: Small Change for a Green Economy
The author critically evaluates the impact and potential of a community currency—or local money system—known as the ‘local exchange trading scheme’ (LETS), to contribute to sustainable local
Information Technology and the Organizational Structure of Modern Business Outsourcing
The organization of modern business has been affected by the development of information technology. Information technology, in particular, affects organizational structure through vertical
Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Crypto-Currencies
This book describes the technical foundations of bitcoin and other cryptographic currencies, from cryptography basics, such as keys and addresses, to the data structures, network protocols and the consensus mechanism ("mining") that underpin bitcoin.
Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin is Changing Money, Business, and the World.
This a book review featured in Quality Management Journal and reviewed by Nicole Radziwill...
Outsourcing, Modularity and the Theory of the Firm
In recent years the practice of 'outsourcing' and 'offshoring' of production and services by firms in a wide range of industries has become quite common. This represents a change in the organization
Explaining Variations in Client Extra Costs Between Software Projects Offshored to India
This study argues that offshore outsourcing involves a number of extra costs for the client organization that account for the economic failure of offshore projects, and disaggregate these extra costs into their constituent parts and to explain why they differ between offshored software projects.