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Blockchain : Securing a New Health Interoperability Experience

  title={Blockchain : Securing a New Health Interoperability Experience},
Globally, and across multiple industries, an innovative model is emerging that enables faster, more efficient and highly secure business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions. Many involved in healthcare hope the same distributed database technologies enabling this new model can drive similar results within the industry and, as with many other major innovations, recognize that confusion and hype can mask the potential of real world applications. Known as blockchain technologies… Expand
Why Blockchain Technology Is Important for Healthcare Professionals
Blockchain technology is a system of creating an immutable, secure, distributed database of transactions. Blockchains were initially created to provide a distributed ledger of financial transactionsExpand
Innovative Blockchain Uses in Health Care
  • 2021
Blockchain, the digital ledger technology that can securely maintain continuously growing lists of data records and transactions, has the power to potentially transform health care, according toExpand
Establishing a Regional Blockchain Innovation Cluster in Health Care
Blockchain technology has great potential to revolutionize healthcare data management. The technology is sufficiently complex, however, making it essential that a large number of people with a broadExpand
Investigating Quality Requirements for Blockchain-Based Healthcare Systems
Preliminary results of an investigation on the recent literature on how the inherent characteristics of blockchain can enhance or hinder particular quality requirements in healthcare systems are provided. Expand
A Practical Universal Consortium Blockchain Paradigm for Patient Data Portability on the Cloud Utilizing Delegated Identity Management
  • A. Sabir, Noora Fetais
  • Computer Science
  • 2020 IEEE International Conference on Informatics, IoT, and Enabling Technologies (ICIoT)
  • 2020
A blockchain system that exploits the base modular features of the Hyperledger Fabric framework to allow for a new, patient-centric, practical data portability paradigm, and a simple yet effective method of identity management delegation is detailed. Expand
Exploring Research in Blockchain for Healthcare and a Roadmap for the Future
This paper aims to summarize and categorize existing benefits/challenges on incorporating blockchain in healthcare domain, and provide a framework that will facilitate new research activities and establish the state of evidence with in-depth assessment. Expand
A Review of Issues in Healthcare Information Management Systems and Blockchain Solutions
Issues such as security, privacy, data transparency, interoperability, data accessibility, user interface issues in healthcare information management systems are presented and blockchain technology related studies in Healthcare information systems are discussed with the aim to find what issues in Healthcare system present research opportunities using blockchains. Expand
Pragmatic, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology: Paving the Future for Healthcare
Background: Blockchain and distributed ledger technology is a disruptive force in healthcare. Methods: This article provides a globally relevant, interdisciplinary perspective intended to aidExpand
How Healthy is Blockchain Technology?
Blockchain captured the imagination with a basket of compelling and topical security promises. Many of its properties – decentralization, security and the oft-claimed “trust” – are highly prized inExpand
Use of Blockchain in Healthcare: A Systematic Literature Review
This study reviews existing literature in order to identify the major issues of various healthcare stakeholders and to explore the features of blockchain technology that could resolve identified issues. Expand