Blockade of telomerase function in various cells.

  title={Blockade of telomerase function in various cells.},
  author={Yegor E. Yegorov and Sergey S. Akimov and A Kh Akhmalisheva and I. V. Semenova and Yu. B. Smirnova and A A Kraevsky and Alexander V. Zelenin},
  journal={Anti-cancer drug design},
  volume={14 4},
The reverse transcriptase inhibitors (RTI) azidothymidine and carbovir can block telomerase function in various cells, whereas dideoxycytidine does not exhibit such activity. RTI induce senescence in 3T3 Swiss, NIH 3T3 cell cultures and in the clones of immortal spontaneously transformed mouse fibroblasts. The RTI-induced senescence of L6 rat myoblasts in culture resembles the senescence of fibroblasts, but the resulting cells acquire sharp morphological peculiarities. The artificial senescence… CONTINUE READING