Blockade of electron transport during ischemia protects cardiac mitochondria.

  title={Blockade of electron transport during ischemia protects cardiac mitochondria.},
  author={Edward Joseph Lesnefsky and Qun Chen and Shadi Moghaddas and Medhat O Hassan and Bernard Tandler and Charles L. Hoppel},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={279 46},
Subsarcolemmal mitochondria sustain progressive damage during myocardial ischemia. Ischemia decreases the content of the mitochondrial phospholipid cardiolipin accompanied by a decrease in cytochrome c content and a diminished rate of oxidation through cytochrome oxidase. We propose that during ischemia mitochondria produce reactive oxygen species at sites in the electron transport chain proximal to cytochrome oxidase that contribute to the ischemic damage. Isolated, perfused rabbit hearts were… CONTINUE READING