BlockSecIoTNet: Blockchain-based decentralized security architecture for IoT network

  title={BlockSecIoTNet: Blockchain-based decentralized security architecture for IoT network},
  author={Shailendra Rathore and Byung Wook Kwon and Jong Hyuk Park},
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Towards SDN and Blockchain based IoT Countermeasures: A Survey

This analysis work mainly seeks to examine IoT network features, security specifications, and challenges, and well-known threats or attacks are analyzed in IoT and SDN and blockchain-based countermeasures are addressed.

A survey on boosting IoT security and privacy through blockchain

This paper exhausts the literature to highlight the recent IoT security and privacy issues and how blockchain can be utilized to overcome these issues, nevertheless; it addresses challenges and open security issues that blockchain may impose on the current IoT systems.

A blockchain-based smart home gateway architecture for preventing data forgery

A blockchain-based smart home gateway network that counters possible attacks on the gateway of smart homes and is implemented on the Ethereum blockchain technology and evaluated in terms of standard security measures including security response time and accuracy.

Blockchain Based Solutions to Mitigate Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks in the Internet of Things (IoT): A Survey

A detailed survey of various Blockchain-based solutions to mitigate DDoS attacks in IoT is carried out and all the solutions are critically evaluated in terms of their working principles, the DDoS defense mechanism, strengths and weaknesses.

Blockchain Security Using Merkle Hash Zero Correlation Distinguisher for the IoT in Smart Cities

Experimental results reveal that the proposed novel blockchain model called blockchain secured Merkle hash zero correlation distinguisher (BSMH-ZCD) performs better with a 19% improvement in security, 20% reduction of computational complexity, and 29% faster running time for IoT compared to existing works.

A Data Driven Trust Mechanism Based on Blockchain in IoT Sensor Networks for Detection and Mitigation of Attacks

  • S. D
  • Computer Science
  • 2021
A data driven trust mechanism based on blockchain is presented in this paper as a decentralized and energy efficient solution for detection of internal attacks in IoT powered SNs and in grey and black hole attack settings, the message overhead is improved using the proposed model when compared to the existing solutions.

Security challenges of blockchain in Internet of things: Systematic literature review

The findings showed that the distinctive technical aspects of BC might impressively find a solution for privacy and security problems encountering the IoT development, supply distributed storage, transparency, trust, and other support for IoT.

BlockDeepNet: A Blockchain-Based Secure Deep Learning for IoT Network

In BlockDeepNet, collaborative DL is performed at the device level to overcome privacy leak and obtain enough data for DL, whereas blockchain is employed to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of collaborative DL in IoT.

Bloc-Sec: Blockchain-Based Lightweight Security Architecture for 5G/B5G Enabled SDN/NFV Cloud of IoT

A blockchain-based lightweight security architecture (Bloc-Sec) in SDN/NFV that enabled cloud of IoT networks with 5G/B5G communication is proposed and the performance evaluated.



IoT security: Review, blockchain solutions, and open challenges

DistBlockNet: A Distributed Blockchains-Based Secure SDN Architecture for IoT Networks

The results of the evaluation show that DistBlockNet is capable of detecting attacks in the IoT network in real time with low performance overheads and satisfying the design principles required for the future IoT network.

Blockchain Meets IoT: An Architecture for Scalable Access Management in IoT

  • O. Novo
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Internet of Things Journal
  • 2018
This paper proposes a new architecture for arbitrating roles and permissions in IoT based on blockchain technology and shows that the blockchain technology could be used as access management technology in specific scalable IoT scenarios.

SoftEdgeNet: SDN Based Energy-Efficient Distributed Network Architecture for Edge Computing

This work is proposing a SoftEdgeNet model, which is a novel SDN-based distributed layered network architecture with a blockchain technique for a sustainable edge computing network that allows for a significant improvement of the interactions in real time data transmission.

Anomaly detection and privacy preservation in cloud-centric Internet of Things

The prominent features and application fields of IoT and Cloud are introduced, security and privacy risks to personal information are discussed, and solutions from anomaly detection perspective are focused on.

Li-Fi based on security cloud framework for future IT environment

An efficient hybrid cloud architecture framework coupled with Li-Fi communication for a human-centric IoT network is proposed and the architecture of the local cloud is introduced to reduce the latency delay and bandwidth cost and to improve efficiency, security, reliability and availability.

Hawk: The Blockchain Model of Cryptography and Privacy-Preserving Smart Contracts

Hawk is a decentralized smart contract system that does not store financial transactions in the clear on the blockchain, thus retaining transactional privacy from the public's view, and is the first to formalize the blockchain model of cryptography.

Securing Internet of Things with Software Defined Networking

A comprehensive survey on how SDN technology can provide security for the IoT environment is presented and a role based security controller architecture (called Rol-Sec) is proposed for the SDN-IoT environment.