Block Full Rank Linearizations of Rational Matrices

  title={Block Full Rank Linearizations of Rational Matrices},
  author={Froil{\'a}n M. Dopico and Silvia Marcaida and Mar'ia C. Quintana and Paul Van Dooren},
Block full rank pencils introduced in [Dopico et al., Local linearizations of rational matrices with application to rational approximations of nonlinear eigenvalue problems, Linear Algebra Appl., 2020] allow us to obtain local information about zeros that are not poles of rational matrices. In this paper we extend the structure of those block full rank pencils to construct linearizations of rational matrices that allow us to recover locally not only information about zeros but also about poles… 
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Perturbation theory of transfer function matrices

A structured condition number is proposed for a simple eigenvalue λ 0 of a (locally) minimal polynomial system matrix P ( λ), which is a simple zero of its transfer function matrix R (λ ).



Strong Linearizations of Rational Matrices

The results in this paper establish a rigorous foundation for the numerical computation of the complete structure of zeros and poles, both finite and at infinity, of any rational matrix by applying any well known backward stable algorithm for generalized eigenvalue problems to any of the strong linearizations explicitly constructed in this work.

NLEIGS: A Class of Fully Rational Krylov Methods for Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems

It is shown that NLEIGS has a computational cost comparable to the Newton rational Krylov method but converges more reliably, in particular, if the nonlinear operator has singularities nearby the target set, and it features low-rank approximation techniques for increased computational efficiency.

The nonlinear eigenvalue problem *

This article surveys nonlinear eigenvalue problems associated with matrix-valued functions which depend nonlinearly on a single scalar parameter, with a particular emphasis on their mathematical properties and available numerical solution techniques.

Structured strong linearizations of structured rational matrices

A family of Fiedler-like pencils is proposed and shown to be a rich source of structure-preserving strong linearizations of structured rational matrices and the recovery of eigenvectors, minimal bases and minimal indices from those of the linearizations is described.

A rational approximation method for solving acoustic nonlinear eigenvalue problems

Recovery of minimal bases and minimal indices of rational matrices from Fiedler-like pencils

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  • Mathematics
    Linear Algebra and its Applications
  • 2019