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Bloch Wavefunction Reconstruction using Multidimensional Photoemission Spectroscopy

  title={Bloch Wavefunction Reconstruction using Multidimensional Photoemission Spectroscopy},
  author={Michael Schuler and Tommaso Pincelli and Shuo Dong and Thomas P. Devereaux and Martin Wolf and Laurenz Rettig and Ralph Ernstorfer and Samuel Beaulieu},
Angle-resolved spectroscopy is the most powerful technique to investigate the electronic band structure of crystalline solids. To completely characterize the electronic structure of topological materials, one needs to go beyond band structure mapping and probe the texture of the Bloch wavefunction in momentum-space, associated with Berry curvature and topological invariants. Because phase information is lost in the process of measuring photoemission intensities, retrieving the complex-valued… Expand

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