Bloch Oscillations of Atoms in an Optical Potential

  title={Bloch Oscillations of Atoms in an Optical Potential},
  author={M. Dahan and Ekkehard Peik and Jakob Reichel and Yvan Castin and Cam C. Solomon},
  journal={EQEC'96. 1996 European Quantum Electronic Conference},
cle and . The early quantum theory of electrical conductiv in crystal lattices by Bloch and Zener [1,2] led to t striking prediction that a homogeneous static electric fi induces an oscillatory rather than uniform motion the electrons. These so-called Bloch oscillations h never been observed in natural crystals because scattering time of the electrons by the lattice defects much shorter than the Bloch period. In semiconduc superlattices the larger spatial period leads to a m shorter Bloch… CONTINUE READING