Blimp1 is a critical determinant of the germ cell lineage in mice

  title={Blimp1 is a critical determinant of the germ cell lineage in mice},
  author={Yasuhide Ohinata and Bernhard Payer and D{\`o}nal O' Carroll and Katia Ancelin and Yukiko Ono and Mitsue Sano and Sheila C. Barton and Tetyana V. Obukhanych and Michel C. Nussenzweig and Alexander Tarakhovsky and Mitinori Saitou and M. Azim Surani},
Germ cell fate in mice is induced in pluripotent epiblast cells in response to signals from extraembryonic tissues. The specification of approximately 40 founder primordial germ cells and their segregation from somatic neighbours are important events in early development. We have proposed that a critical event during this specification includes repression of a somatic programme that is adopted by neighbouring cells. Here we show that Blimp1 (also known as Prdm1), a known transcriptional… CONTINUE READING
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