Blending Genres, Bending Time: Steampunk on the Western Frontier

  title={Blending Genres, Bending Time: Steampunk on the Western Frontier},
  author={Cynthia J. Miller and A. Bowdoin van Riper},
  journal={Journal of Popular Film and Television},
  pages={84 - 92}
Abstract Western steampunk uses fantastic images of technology-out-of-time to create critical commentary on the notion of progress and the inherent tension between “civilization” and nature. As a hybrid subgenre it uses the steampunk aesthetic to introduce technology-as-spectacle—breathtaking, larger than life, focus rather than backdrop—and traffics in fetishism, making technology the stuff of fantasy and obsession. Through the steampunk Western, we see the working out of the tension between… 
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