Blastic natural killer cell leukemia/lymphoma: a clinicopathologic study.

  title={Blastic natural killer cell leukemia/lymphoma: a clinicopathologic study.},
  author={Joseph A DiGiuseppe and Diane C. Louie and Jeannette E. Williams and David T. Miller and Constance A. Griffin and R. Bruce Mann and Michael J. Borowitz},
  journal={The American journal of surgical pathology},
  volume={21 10},
The classification of natural killer (NK)-cell and NK-like T-cell malignancies has undergone significant evolution in recent years. Although examples of NK-cell tumors resembling acute leukemia have been described anecdotally as blastic, blastoid, or monomorphic NK-cell leukemia/lymphoma (NKL/L), the clinical and pathologic features of these tumors have not been systematically defined. We report four patients with blastic NKL/L and describe the clinical, pathologic, and immunophenotypic… CONTINUE READING