Blastic NK-Cell Leukemia / Lymphoma — A Case Report —

  title={Blastic NK-Cell Leukemia / Lymphoma — A Case Report —},
  author={Chun-Ming Lin and Shu-Hui Wang and Tseng-tong Kuo and Ching-Chi Chi and H Ho and Hong-Shang Hong},
Blastic natural killer (NK) cell lymphoma / leukemia is a rare NK cell malignancy of unknown etiology. It occurs in multiple sites and with a propensity for skin involvement. We report such a case in a 35-year-old male suffering from erythematous and purpuric papules and plaques on his face and trunk for 6 months. A biopsy specimen of the skin showed diffuse infiltration of blastlike lymphoid cells in the dermis and subcutis. Immunohistochemical study showed the tumor cells were only positive… CONTINUE READING