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Blade Runner -What kind objects are there in the JVO ALMA Archive?-

  title={Blade Runner -What kind objects are there in the JVO ALMA Archive?-},
  author={Satoshi Eguchi and Yuji Shirasaki and Christopher Zapart and Masatoshi Ohishi and Yoshihiko Mizumoto and Wataru Kawasaki and Tsuyoshi Kobayashi and George Kosugi},
  journal={arXiv: Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics},
The JVO ALMA Archive provides users one of the easiest ways to access the ALMA archival data. The users can have a quick look at a 3 or 4-dimensional data cube without downloading multiple huge tarballs from a science portal of ALMA Regional Centers (ARCs). Since we just synchronize all datasets with those of ARCs, the metadata are identical to the upstream, including ``target name'' for each dataset. The name is not necessarily a common one like NGC numbers, but sometimes one of sequential… Expand

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