Bladder wall morphology: in vitro MR imaging-histopathologic correlation.

  title={Bladder wall morphology: in vitro MR imaging-histopathologic correlation.},
  author={Yoshifumi Narumi and Tsuyoshi Kadota and Etsuo Inoue and Keiko Kuriyama and Takashi Horinouchi and Kyoumi Kasai and Hajime Maeda and Masahiro Kuroda and Toshihiko Kotake and Shingo Ishiguro},
  volume={187 1},
To study the morphology of the normal and inflamed bladder wall, the findings of magnetic resonance imaging and histopathologic examination of 13 in vitro specimens were correlated. Normal bladder wall appeared as a band of intermediate signal intensity on T1-weighted images and as bands of low (inner) and intermediate (outer) signal intensity on T2-weighted images. Inflamed bladder walls demonstrated two additional inner bands of intermediate (inner) and high (innermost) signal intensity on T1… CONTINUE READING


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