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Bladder tumor. Presentation of 2 patients with soft tissue involvement

  title={Bladder tumor. Presentation of 2 patients with soft tissue involvement},
  author={E. Hita Rosino and Pedro L{\'o}pez Cubillana and Andr{\'e}s Nieto Olivares and M Caron and G. G{\'o}mez G{\'o}mez},
  journal={Archivos españoles de urología},
OBJECTIVE To describe two uncommon cases of bladder tumor metastasizing to soft tissues. METHODS/RESULTS Two patients with bladder tumor and cystic metastases in the abdominal wall are described. The cysts were easily palpable and were confirmed histologically. CONCLUSION Soft tissues, like the abdominal wall, are unusual sites of metastasis of bladder tumor. The foregoing, however, should be considered in order to make an early diagnosis. 
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UROGENITAL Implantation of Bladder Cancer into the Abdominal Wall ; a Case Report

A case of implantation of bladder transitional cell carcinoma into abdominal wall into an incisional hernia of a previous small bowel operation; three years after the bladder tumor had been diagnosed and treated.