Bladder microvasculature in women with interstitial cystitis.


PURPOSE A cardinal cystoscopic finding in women with interstitial cystitis is mucosal small vessel hemorrhage or glomerulations after hydrodistention. We quantified and compared microvascular density and endothelial proliferation in the bladder biopsies of women with interstitial cystitis and a control group of women who were undergoing incontinence or… (More)


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@article{Rosamilia1999BladderMI, title={Bladder microvasculature in women with interstitial cystitis.}, author={Anne Rosamilia and Leonie M. Cann and Peter Dwyer and James P. Scurry and Peter A W Rogers}, journal={The Journal of urology}, year={1999}, volume={161 6}, pages={1865-70} }