PURPOSE To evaluate the role of dynamic ultrasonography (US) in the diagnosis of bladder dysfunction and to compare dynamic US with urodynamic study, which is considered to be the standard in the diagnosis of bladder dysfunction. MATERIALS AND METHODS Images from 71 pairs of examinations in 63 patients (median age, 7.9 years; range 1.0-17.4 years) were… (More)


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@article{Filgueiras2003BladderDD, title={Bladder dysfunction: diagnosis with dynamic US.}, author={Maria Tereza Freire Filgueiras and Eleonora Moreira Lima and Talitah M Sanchez and Eug{\^e}nio Marcos de Andrade Goulart and Alexandre C Menezes and Cleidismar Rosa Pires}, journal={Radiology}, year={2003}, volume={227 2}, pages={340-4} }